A key point of focus

SECURITY TIP: Be aware of criminals who use their own "remote control" units to attempt to jam the signal that you send from your remote control unit to lock your car and activate its alarm. There are reports of criminals who "block" this signal and subsequently access or steal cars in this manner. Make physically sure your car is locked after pressing your remote control unit!


Fernwood Watch NPC is the Public Benefit Organisation which handles security matters for Fernwood. For information about Fernwood Watch, please email fernwoodwatch@gmail.com or contact Susan Smith on 082 658 4647.  Fernwood Watch adds a community level of safety initiatives to the measures individuals already have in place. They have an extensive licence plate recognition camera system, which has been extremely successful in bring down “crowbar” and other vehicle-related crime. They also operate a 24/7 Special Response Team which patrols our open spaces and green belts, responds to camera alerts and reports of suspicious people/activity/vehicles. They also liaise with SAPS on Fernwood’s behalf, provide speedy information on criminal incidents in our area, and analyse our crime to help inform residents on which security measures are most effective.  Fernwood Watch needs the support of all residents – to join, CLICK HERE.

Mountain Men contact numbers

  • Mountain Men Control Room: 086 107 0000
  • Mountain Men dedicated Fernwood patrol car: 076 834 2162
ADT contact numbers
  • ADT Control Room: 086 12 12 300
  • ADT Emergencies: 086 12 12 301
  • ADT car: 083 646 8604
  • SAPS Operations room - 021 657 2285
  • SAPS Inspector Sean Wentink (anything relating to crime) 079 894 1495
  • City Council Law Enforcement Services: 0860 765 423
  • For Forest/Mountain related security: 021 957 4700

We request that residents report all incidents, however minor, to the MM or ADT control room. It is important that Fernwood Watch has a correct record of all crime activity in the area.

TURN YOUR ALARMS ON AT NIGHT! The stats show that criminals are getting away with housebreaking and theft because  the majority of households do not bother to turn their alarms on at night when they are home. If you turn your alarms on, it allows your security provider to respond quickly. If you don't set your alarms this will result in late responses.