Land Use and Development

FRA is actively involved in dealing with sub-division applications, rezoning applications, and departure applications. The mandate given to the committee is to ensure that Fernwood's unique character is maintained.

In fulfilling this mandate, someone from the FRA Committee meets with applicants and adjoining interested & affected parties, where possible and appropriate. In some cases the process can get quite heated as disputes often arise as a result of concerns relating to over-densification, increased traffic flow, loss of environment, noise and security risks.

Fernwood is strictly a residential zone (e.g. single residential dwellings, group housing schemes or blocks of flats).

Current applications (pending decision)

Property Application Objections due by / Comments

Useful websites to assist with most of your questions

Who handles land development applications, what is the decision process, and how are appeals and queries resolved?

1. Cape Gateway

2. Cape Town City Council - Planning & Building Development Management

Important Documents

Zoning Scheme

In order to standardise zoning arrangements and achieve consistency and efficiency throughout the City, the Council is consolidating and rationalising the current zoning schemes into a single standard Integrated Zoning Scheme (IZS) for the entire city. However, until the new scheme is promulgated, the existing ones remain in force.

Protea Village Land Claim

Click here to access information on the Protea Village Land Claim.

Property Issues

  • Marijke Honig (qualified landscaper and resident) has some thoughts on Fernwood losing its character! See the Environment and Recycling page.